Microsoft Comfort Mouse 6000

Microsoft Comfort Mouse 6000. We have seen some of mice that are designed for crew Twitter and we have seen a few mice for gamers, but how often is that a hardware company (this time Microsoft) equipped with the old mouse is clear that productive? Comfort Mouse 6000 sounds like something you might see on late-night infomercial, but it's really just a small hardware.

This is just about the right size for 3 cm with 5 incches and is designed for right hand users only (sorry left). There are five customizable buttons that you can program to use. There is also a scroll wheel to the right that Microsoft is promising is the "easy" and promote optimal "accuracy."

Comfort Mouse 6000 also sports BlueTrack technology company which "combines the power of precision optics with a laser beam." This technology is assumed, so that the mouse easier to use on various surfaces.

Once again, Microsoft chose to leave the cable and not rely on batteries. This is an interesting trend that I have to say that I liked. I never thought of a mouse that works on batteries is a good thing, no matter how long the battery life can be extended.

This mouse comes with 3 year warranty, but $ 29 is easy to replace when the rest of it (and ten dollars a year is not a bad price to pay for a mouse.)

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