Travel Journal: Siesta Key Farmers Market

Every Sunday morning, the village of Siesta Key has a Farmer's Market where you can get great local produce and products. This was such a wonderful treat when we were on vacation.

Just seeing these painted signs had my mouth watering for fresh produce. It had been months since I'd been to a farmer's market back home and it was a very welcome sight.

Walking around with everyone out in their shorts looking at all the booths was great. Despite putting on some sunscreen, I still managed to get a burn that morning. I'm just too fair skinned for my own good. But even a little sunburn couldn't take away from looking at all the fresh produce.

Crisp Apples. Juicy Oranges.

Creamy Avocados.

Zesty Limes and Lemons.

Crunchy Green Beans.

There were also great products made by locals. I loved this woman's display for Barbie-Lu's Sassy Salsa. What a fun name!

Her salsas were fantastic and reminded me that I need to get back into making fresh stuff in the summer. So often I just give in and use the jarred stuff, but its just not the same!

Another booth that I loved was set up by this herb farmer.

The rows and rows of fresh herbs were so tempting. I can't wait to start growing my own herbs again in the kitchen this summer.

He had these great pots set up that let you grow multiple plants at once. I would love to find something like this back at home!

A big fan favorite at the market is Richard's Candy Co Homemade Fudge. Everyone was popping over for a sample.

It looked so chocolaty and tempting! If I didn't have this dang nut allergy, I would have been right with them.

Its always great meeting a proprietor who really loved what they do. Richard chatted with every one of his customers and happily discussed how he made his delectable treats.

Another smell that lured me through the market were these buckets full of wonderful soaps. I must have been in a vacation state of mind because all the tropical flavours were calling to me.

We ended up grabbing some great fruit and veggies to take back to the rental house with us. I can't wait for a couple more months when we'll have our farmer's market back in my neighbourhood. Bring on Spring!

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