We hope you enjoyed yourselves the other night at our Vim Beget trunk show, met Billy, had a drink, learned of your future from our cloaked mystic! Speaking of Vim Beget, our own Nico chose one of their pieces to feature for his "What we are loving" feature". Take it away Nico.

"I picked up this wallet 2 months ago and instantly fell in love. Little did I realize that over the next two months of being smushed, smashed, crushed, and crinkled in the back pocket of my Hazlewoods it would take on a whole new look. As the wax began to work its way into every crack and crevice of the soft deerskin it has caused the wrinkles to be exaggerated and created a look unique to my wear and tear. Perfectly functional, absurdly fashionable and all around amazing, it gets the Nico Seal Of Approval!" -
Nico Dolan

DETAILS: Made from a single piece of soft deerskin; hand-cut, waxed, and meticulously pinched and folded to create five separate compartments. Three deep compartments work perfectly for cards and cash while the other two are meant for coins or other small objects. Fully customized Lift-the-Dot snaps; originally designed for use on utility pouches for WWII soldiers.
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WHAT WE ARE LOVING: BLACKBIRD FAVORITES Rating: 4.5 Diposkan Oleh: Surur Syifaus

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