Travel Journal: Siesta Key, Florida

Remember last week when I talked about how much I love road trips? Well that was because I was just setting out on one...

My whole family piled into our SUV and started the 25 hour drive to Siesta Key, Florida.

Whiskey stayed home for the trip, but Shadow was happy to tag along. She spent the whole trip either laying across someone or in the far backseat with her head on my shoulder.

As we drove down we started to see signs of spring!

It made me hopeful that we'll see these again in Canada soon.

After a long two days of driving, we finally made it to Siesta Key off of Sarasota.

The house that we rented had a screened in pool and hot tub, and a huge living room...with FOUR couches. Who needs that many couches?

As soon as we got there, we wanted to do a little exploring around the village. I loved this bar called The Cottage on the Bay.

I stopped in there with my brother and sister one day for happy hour and the beers were only $2 each. You can't get that anywhere in Canada.

There were always a large group of people at this restaurant too.

I love the idea of grilled Baja food. I need to start doing more recipes like this in the summer!

There were lots of vespas and scooters riding around, but this photo op one was my favorite. How great is that turquoise colour!

Another popular restaurant is the dark and mysterious Blu Smoke. I was really interested in going there until I noticed this in the front yard...

There is just something about seeing the pig getting roasted that deters me from wanting a pulled pork sandwich. I know that ignorance is bliss, but I just can't do it.

We spent some more time walking around admiring all the local architecture.

Tiki hut roofs! What a nice break from all the snow covered roofs back home.

This was the entrance to an office. I wish that my office looked like this.

Dad was quick to warn us not to hit our heads on this. The klutz in me was just destined to knock myself out walking underneath it, so I appreciated the warning :)

I almost jumped out of my skin the first time I saw one of these trees because I thought it was full of snakes! Turns out its just a cactus-like plant that looks like snakes. phew.

Another surprise was all the little lizards. I forgot about how cute they are. We used to have some of these anoles as pets when we were kids and they are so much fun to watch. I loved seeing them sunning on the sidewalk every time I took a walk or bike ride.

My little brother loved them too. He was our resident lizard wrangler.

I know that this just creeps some people out, but I find them so cute.

Look for more posts this week about our adventures in Florida. Just looking at this picture of my sister relaxing at the beach is making me miss being there. Its snowing right now in Toronto and I would do just about anything to be back in the sun on the beach!

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