No, not Dumpling -- because those are delicious.
Instead . . . Dumping.
As in . . . Mother Nature, stop dumping snow on us!

As I sit at the computer, I look out the window on my left and see this:
This lilac has leaf buds.  Under the snow.
 Even our big flower pots are unhappy with this:

 And I'd love to have you come for a dinner al fresco:

But the gas grill says, "No way!"
 Yes, the snow is beautiful.
Beneath these blobbies lies our grape vine -- which also has leaf buds.
I noticed them just yesterday.
Pretty sloppy and cold, too.
 The other lilac.  Also smothered in snow.  Buds in hiding.

 And in the dining room, looking out at the side yard through the old windows, more snow.

 And that's my Outdoor Wednesday, friends!

Honestly, having unexpected Spring Snow is a minor inconvenience;
our dog Dion is enjoying it, and I've decided to adopt his attitude,
stop bellyaching, and look on the bright (white) side.

Just think how much more we will appreciate the Spring glories to come after this snowy winter!

Go visit A Southern Daydreamer and say Hello to Susan,
who hosts this popular link party.  Click here!
I'm pretty sure I am not the only Snow Baby today,
but I'm hoping for pictures of Spring springing elsewhere!

 Susan herself has wonderful shots of spectacularly brilliant hot air balloons.  Marvelous!  -- Cass

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