Sony VAIO Laptops

Sony VAIO Laptops will soon be available in United States. Model Sony VAIO S is the answer to the MacBook Air and was appointed as a laptop 13.3 That means only 1 inch thick "ultra portable.".

In your search for Sandy Bridge or i5 i7 combined with AMD's Radeon HD 6630 1GB VRAM sports. This laptop also has a Blu-ray drive and the configuration of various solid state drive to choose from (which means it will not come cheap). Magnesium / aluminum frame weighs just less than 4 pounds, so the engine is relatively mild.

Optional extended battery cells (which you pay a pretty penny), this is a small player for 15 hours of life before needing to make an appointment with the outlet. This little addition would actually charge the internal battery, which is a neat feature, but you should consider whether they are sacrificing performance with the standard battery for the sake of fashion.

And what would you expect to pay for all portable power? The basic model starts at $ 979 and it just went from there. So if you want a powerful laptop, but unlike what is offered by Apple, Sony VAIO S-Series only alternative.

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