Beautiful in Beverly Hills

I was going through more old magazines recently and came across another classic.  Around 1936, interior designer Elsie de Wolfe designed a beautiful home in Beverly Hills for Countess Dorothy di Frasso.  Jose Iturbi bought the house furnished from di Frasso around 1947.  It remained intact until just a few years ago when pieces were sold at auction.  Just before then, House & Garden published gorgeous photos by Simon Watson of the glamorous home that hosted many chic soirees.

Chinoiserie wallpaper and bamboo outlined mirrors clad the living room.

The home also featured many Chinese antiques.

Wallpaper detail.

Custom mirror panels line the dining room which I'm sure looked beautiful in candlelight.

A closer look at the dining room walls and 19th-century tortoiseshell and mother of pearl commode.

The sunroom features artwork commissioned by Charles Baskerville. 

Loving this backgammon table.

Beautiful California light streams through the windows.

The house has a lovely timeless quality that confirms that good design never goes out of style.

The bedroom features 20th-century hand painted Chinese wallpaper panels.

Elsie de Wolfe designed the Art Deco bedroom suite of furniture for the room.

The master bathroom below complements the colors of the bedroom and include a custom Art Deco tub chair that still looks chic today.  The pink tile not so much but I guess not every design element remains timeless.

Photos by Simon Watson

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