Apogee Jam Syncs Your Guitar with Your Mac

Apogee Jam Syncs Your Guitar with Your Mac. Apogee Electronics has a new and exciting ways to make your electric guitar / bass to get it to communicate with your Mac Book. The clock up a string of six gadget plugs directly into a USB port on your Apple computer, and you are active in Ios 4.2.1 or better, you're good to go.

Unlike other devices already on the market, Time is very easy to use so it is almost impossible to tamper with. Everything you do is plug-in-this really simple.

This allows your guitar with one Core Audio compatible applications you may have to kick around the word Apple Computer. Record what you play in GarageBand without thinking about it.

Hours device has a built-in volume control, allowing you to adjust the level without ever turning away from your instrument. For only $ 99 new Clock Apogee device is suitable for beginners and experts. It's also small and portable enough to carry around, high school music room, your buddy's garage, even your basement.

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