Toshiba Mobile LCD Monitor

Toshiba’s Mobile LCD Monitor For Under $200. And the race is officially the king of USB-powered monitor with Toshiba in the lead. We have seen some highly portable secondary monitor its debut this year, but the new Mobile Toshiba LCD model is the most impressive, partly because it only costs $ 200.

For the price that you might not much, but surprisingly 14-inch monitor is a barrier to tear down the gate is expected. It is equipped with 1366 768 X display with 200 nits of brightness. In addition to the refresh rate 16 milliseconds is enough to make everyone happy.

This unit is 100% compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP and all you need is a USB cable for power and data transfer is no longer hunt for additional or excess socket surge protector you today. And if you just chain yourself to a wall outlet, Toshiba offers an optional AC adapter also.

And when I say this is a portable, I'm not kidding. Weighing only 2.8 pounds. That is achievement in itself.

A neat feature is just the cherry on top of ice cream is a "hybrid" bag is standard. Not only is it simple to protect your small investment, but acts as a kickstand so you can have a new Toshiba Mobile LCD monitors everywhere.

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