Some weeks are just not fun at all...

It’s Friday: the best day of the week! We should celebrate!
{insert a little dance here!}

This was not, by any means, a good week. I did not sleep from Sunday to Thursday, and ended up looking like a zombie, with my eyes burning. On top of that I started my vacation diet and exercising routine. What a miserable time to be me! I don’t understand people that say they feel good exercising. I think they are all big, big liars. I feel like shit and count the seconds so the torture can end. I feel good in my couch, with a pint of ice cream.

Some people really don’t know how to live life! J

To top it all, we have only three weeks until vacation, which means we will be working non-stop, including all weekends and there will be no rest so we can get everything done before April 15th.

We have a gigantic corporate event coming up in Denver (last year we got to travel to San Antonio, TX), so I want to be ready and prepared for it!

 Oh, and I lost itinerary that was ready for my May short vacation.

This is a great Havaianas campaign I saw in one of the many magazines I subscribe to: trying to get in the vacation mood!

Once on never off - I own a gazilion pairs of havaianas, but I'm dying for the Missoni edition - I need one!

Plans for the weekend?

What weekend?

I have spring cleaning in front of me. I need to finish my taxes, cut a lot of services we do use [I try to cut expenses quarterly, there is always stuff we don’t use and we still subscribe to] and organize everything for our trip! Fun, hun?!?

I’ll send my winter wardrobe to storage, create a very nice spring wardrobe, receive some of the pieces I ordered lately and put together the outfits for the trip to Brasil.

And I need to get some sleep!

It should be fun! 

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