Scosche goBAT II Battery Charger Juices USB

Scosche goBAT II Portable Battery Charger Juices USB. Charging mobile platforms are all the rage now, but iDevice compatibility is always limited to the pool of prospective Technophiles battery packs on the flight to choose from. Scosche newest portable battery Gobat II, provides ample power for all your iDevices, including the iPad, for only $ 89.

Gobat II is essentially a 5000mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery that the correct ports to power to grant to a USB-powered device. The goBATT II has two ports for power sharing. The first is a 10 watt port that can juice a iPad easily. The second is a 5 watt power port that can just about anything else.

An interesting thing to note, is not known for Scosche unit exclusivity. Case, when you buy Scosche goBATT II, the company will also throw in an adapter for the Galaxy Tab.

And if you happen to Revive Scosche app, you will be able to tell how low your device will take to recharge using the goBATT II.

This little device is truly one of the sleekest and most cost effective battery packs I have seen. The versatility alone makes it worth the $ 80.

Scosche goBAT II Battery Charger Juices USB Rating: 4.5 Diposkan Oleh: Surur Syifaus

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