Distance makes the heart grow fonder

It's been stressful 'round these parts lately.  In a little more than 2 months I'll be back to work and all the required organization, finishing up and preparation is squeezing in.  No problem.  I'm on it.  Then there was a snag with my nanny application (I made an error) - no problem - I'm on it and things will be fine.  Then, I decide that it's time that I sell the home that my husband and I built which throws a bunch of emotional dust into the air.  I do my best to handle it.  Then, I take my friend and Realtor over to see the property and... my tenants have not been kind.  Every bit of flooring needs to be replaced... walls fixed... wood fixed... I just about cry.  That's it... end of my stress rope.  I wait until I come home to curl up in the chair and bawl!  Corbin crawls into my lap, wipes Mama tears with his hand and says, "You're dripping... Mama no crying - I kiss you and make you happy".  And I hugged him so tight.  I am all out of deep breaths at this point and perspective isn't something that I thought I could find... until my sister said she would take Corbin for the night and I could go get some air.  So I did.  I tucked him into his cousins bed on Sunday night and talked to him first thing in the morning... but he was too busy playing to notice.  Sunshine, skiing, fresh air... that always is a good day.  I have never skied with my iPod before but today, I didn't feel like making small talk on the chair lift - so I did what I said I would never do and tuned out or is that in?  The music helped to clear my head and then Mr. Chopra came on for a timely bit of perspective.  I started feeling better.  I logged some good mileage and my legs will thank me for it in the morning.   I wrapped up skiing and headed to Banff to pick up "a few of my favorite things".  Rocky Mountain soap shop - check, Evelyn's Coffee for a cookie and coffee - check, and a stop at the candy shop for a treat for my boy and a glorious, glorious surprise that made my day - check.  On trip one I lived on Tic Tac Bold fruit flavor and was so sad to find out they are discontinued.  Despite all of my efforts, there were none in the world (I even emailed TicTac to ask)...But today, lo and behold, there they were in all their glory. I bought pretty much every pack they had... oh yeah, and a semi truck pez dispenser.  I left Banff with a better attitude, clear head and a voice mail on my phone.  "Hi Mama, I miss you lots and lots.  I have BIG kisses and hugs for you.  See you in 3 minutes.  I love you!"... then my sister took the phone to ask me to let her know when I'd be back in the city.  That's a voice mail that's not getting deleted.  I got more than misty... I couldn't wait for him to come through the door and neither could he.  My sister told him to get ready to go and he said, "No, I stay here"... (uh oh... not a good sign for Mama!) to which my sister said, "But Corbin, Mama is waiting at home for you".   he responded, "where's my coat?" and headed right for the door.  He was so happy and cuddly to be home but told me all about his fun sleep over with his cousins.  We didn't read "2 books" tonight, instead we cuddled and talked... for about 3 minutes until he fell asleep.  I knew he'd be fine with the sleep over and all the fun times with the girls but boy oh boy, I haven't been that excited to see someone in a long time.  I waited at the window and couldn't pick him up fast enough.  In 2 days he'll have been home for 9 months.  He's had regular babysitters (albeit the strong majority is when he is already sleeping) and had one other sleep over but this one was a resounding success for everyone.  So now, I'm going to bed... after enjoying one more TicTac Bold :)

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