Denver Home Show: Total Failure

What a disappointment it was to visit the Denver Home Show this past weekend! This is an event largely sponsored by HGTV and I thought that it would bring amazing interior designers to town, have incredible booths with interior décor, antique furniture exhibitors and expected the traditional construction booths that every home show has.

Much to my consternation the show was a failure in every single aspect: location, exhibitors, consistency, quality and more.

After traveling on the awful highway that cuts Commerce City and likely the only part of Colorado that smells like pollution we arrived at the Western Stock Arena (or something like that) and you can imagine what kind of crowd this type of location would attract...

Once inside, it really hit me: Denver is really a cow town and here I am: lost in the middle of the farmers.

Usually we tend to keep to the areas of Denver that show minimum signs of civilization, so visiting this show was really a shock back into reality.

They had very few vendors that had anything to do with home décor or interior design. Instead, there was an abundance of teeth whitening booths, Sketchers Shape Ups, food of all kinds, and everything else you can image that had nothing to do with mine or anyone else's home.

Nearly all of them catered to the people who dwell on farms, with antlers and horns glued, nailed, possibly velcroed to everything.
I was so in shock with how absurd and cheap everything looked, we ended up leaving very, very fast.

What a disaster of a trade show!

This was a great opportunity to have fabric vendors display their materials to people who have brand new homes or are still building. I was expecting tiles in different colors and shapes, new and old furniture, everything for the home that did not involve wild animals. What  an abysmal failure.

Here are the pictures that prove my point:

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