Quick and Easy Summer Interior Design Ideas for Kitchens

It's well known that some people are afraid of using bright colours in a room, but this can be done quite easily and effectively if you choose just one of your walls as a feature wall and use the bright colour you have chosen on just that wall. You can offset and complement this colour, by perhaps painting the three remaining walls in your room in a neutral colour.

It does not matter which one you choose, traditional or contemporary, either style is suitable for any home, but often a more traditional style of decorating will work much better where the kitchen of the house tends to be the place where everyone congregates. Simply by changing your kitchen blinds for a bright, summery colour will help to give it a new look without having to completely redecorate.

A more contemporary look of design is better suited to a home where perhaps your home is also your office and you do a lot of entertaining or have large open plan rooms. You may want to create a new focal point to the room, a nice touch and something that is personal is hanging a large piece of artwork or collage that has been created by you, this will not only create a focal point but will also personalise the room. Look online for interior design ideas to bring a new lease of life to your home this summer!

Image: Kitchen Tile Backsplashes

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