Interior Design Ideas: Using Red

The next colour I'm going to look at is red. Ideal as a main colour to create a sexy bedroom or stimulate appetite in a kitchen or dining room. It also makes for a fantastic accent colour. Be it in small pieces of furniture, bedroom curtains, cushions, small decorations or rugs.

You can even use it as a secondary colour very well, depending on the shade used. You may even find that some rather unusual combinations work surprisingly well with it, such as slate greys or blue violets. Obviously green is the actual complementary colour to red, so will work incredibly well with it, but if you're not careful your home could look like Christmas all year round! More neutral shades such as white and cream are the ideal partners for red, from the deepest, richest burgundies to vibrant lipstick reds for trendy teens rooms and contemporary living spaces.

Red is also one of the colours you either love or loathe! If you don't think you like red just take a look at all the colour variations it offers; from the palest of reds which verge on pink to those which have blue undertones and touch on merging into purples.

Image: Harveys

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