Quick and Easy Summer Interior Design Ideas for Bedrooms

Its hot and clammy and you can't sleep – we've all experienced it at some time and while the hot days seem to have left us for the time being you can bet that they'll be back within a few days or weeks!

In the UK we just aren't accustomed to sleeping when it hot; many of us live in towns and cities where noise and pollution filters in through our open windows making the whole sleep process even more difficult to cope with.

One of the easy things to do is make sure your bedroom curtains have a blackout lining, this will help keep out any light if you decide to go for an early night! They will also help to keep your bedroom cool if you keep them closed during the day, particularly if you have south facing windows or in the centre of a city. Blackout lining doesn't have to be black, if fact it's usually cream or white, so it won't spoil the appearance of your curtains.

You could also use voile panels to make a modern style mosquito net to place around your bed – at least you won't be 'eaten alive' even if you do find yourselves tossing and turning all night and can't get to sleep!

Image: Decorations Millenium Interior Design Blog

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