White On Black

The second big tornado (read: UAS) has gone away. There're only two biggest hurricane (UN and UMPTN) left. Sooooo happy to remember that. #LOL

Anyway, last night I turned on my computer for celebrating After-exams-time. I hoped I could write anything, but finally I couldn't. And I didn't remember how I could draw these pics below.

The first step, I colored the canvas into black. And then use white brush tool. Err, what do you think of this?
(Click to view in larger size)

What about this one?
(Click to view in larger size)

I really <3 this one.
And I confuse 'boud my own imagination. Am I awesome? lol
(Click to view in larger size)

 Looks complicated, right?
haha. I'm sure you don't think so.
(Click to view in larger size)

Do you guys know
the name of the pics above?

"Tell me, coz I really don't Know. Abstract? Suraelis? Rubbish?"

That's enough. I'll post others 50 years later.
Hava nice weekend!

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