Nothing good comes without work!

My latest obsession are purses, I want all the clutches and satchels in the world. There is not explanation, I rarely change purses and once I like one, that's the only I'll ever use. But, these bags from Asos are just amazing and the looks are breathtaking! Enjoy!

Pocket Front Bowler by Asos

I'm surprised, I really like some of the Mischa Barton styles, like this clutch

Love this vintage leather satchel by Asos. 

Love this Warehouse Satchel. 

Had to add a Black option - a leather satchel by Asos. 

This chocolate leather satchel seems to be perfect to go to school

And here is the winner: a River Island double buckle satchel - it needs to find its way into my closet. 

What's your favorite?

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